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July 2024 releases

Posted on • 614 words

As always, this month's releases happened on the 16th. Highly unusually, this month's releases included most of the bridges, including the Python ones that don't follow release schedules. This is because all bridges needed to be updated to gain support for authenticated media added in Matrix v1.11 (more specifically MSC3916). Read more...

Writing a Twilio bridge

Posted on • 4484 words

In this post, I'll go over all the steps necessary to build a Twilio bridge using the new bridgev2 module in mautrix-go. The whole bridge can be found at github.com/mautrix/twilio. Read more...

Project updates (and a blog)

Posted on • 1653 words

I haven't been posting on TWIM for a long time and too many things have piled up to post everything in TWIM. This post recaps the potentially interesting things that I've worked on in the past ~half a year. Read more...

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